A Brother's Journey 30:00

What you can do

If a child is forced to flee to another country, it has a right to protection and support in that country.

Article 22 Children's Rights Convention

Impact campaign

With this project we do not only want to show what minor refugees go through on their journey, we also want to contribute to a better treatment of  unaccompanied young refugees – while on the road and in the countries of destination.

With the launch of the project in 2021 we will also launch an impact campaign with special screenings, expert meetings and calls-to-action. Because even though changing asylum policy is not easy and takes time, there are things we and you can do in the meantime to help young refugees on the road and after arrival.

We will provide tools and tips for taking action on this website and in our campaign early 2021. If you want to be notified of this, you can sign up for our newsletter.

'Mama Rose' Together with her team of international medical students 'Mama Rose' provides medical aid to refugees in Thessaloniki, an important transit hub.