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Help the boys from Shadow Game build a new life

All the boys from the film have arrived in their destination country. But that doesn’t mean their journey is over. Now begins the difficult process of navigating European asylum systems and societies and building their lives.

We want to use the prize money we won with the film at the FIFDH human rights festival in Geneva – and any future prizes – for financial support for the boys in the film. For their education, furnishing a home and airline tickets/visas for family reunification.

We have put the prize money into a special Shadow Game fund from our Monocle Productions foundation.
More than 200 people have already donated – for which we and the boys are very grateful!

Do you also want to contribute to the boys’ new lives? We are working on integrating international payment options on this site. In the meantime, you can donate via iDEAL using the Dutch donate form if you like.