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EP 'The Game'

The EP ‘The Game’ is the result of a special collaboration between Shadow Game, rapper Reazun and composer Rui Reis Maia. Together with artists Jay Chia, Saman Amini, Adam al Qaq and producer Stach, they made the soundtrack for Shadow Game and the accompanying short documentaries. They have developed five tracks into full-fledged songs, the music inspired by what the boys themselves listen to.

The Game contains five songs in a mix of Dutch, English, French, Farsi and Arabic. Together, the songs tell the story of teenage refugees and their horror journey through Europe.

Fortune seekers, criminals, rapists: the image of boys on the run is not always perceived well. With The Game, Reazun wants to tell a different story about them. “They are not criminals but kids; teens on a mission. They want to reach safety and make something of their lives. And they like cool music, just like young people here.”

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The Game -forest – liggend
Artwork for The Game Found footage of a night camera at the Bosnian-Croatian border


Reazun has been performing as a rapper and spoken word artist since 2003. He has toured the Netherlands and Europe with Kyteman Orchestra and works with artists and producers such as Clarxkent, Johnkonatty, Navbeats & Stach.

Ben Hartman
Reazun Credits: Alina Krasieva

"It's a mix of music from the countries they come from and rap that they discover as they travel through Europe"

Alles helemaal zelf (Everything all by myself)


The Game Hairspray liggend