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What can you do?

Is a question we often heard from the boys we followed.

We ask you the same question. Because there are things you can do to help improve the situations for minor refugees on the road. Take action: give your voice, give your money or give your time.


Hammoudi Portrait Manifesto

Together with the children from Shadow Game, we are launching the manifesto 'Protect children on the move’. Sign and share the manifesto via social media!

Do you want to know more about the manifesto? Read the extensive goals here.

Sign the manifesto

If a child has to flee to another country, the child must be protected and helped in that country.

This is stated in Article 22 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.


Changing policy takes a long time, in the meantime you can also do something in other ways. Children need as much support as possible along the way and once the’ve reached the countries of destination, legal, medical and mental help. In many places in Europe where people on the move pass by, people offer help. We highlight three that we know make a huge difference to children on the move. In many places in Europe where refugees pass by, people offer help. We highlight three initiatives that we know make a huge difference to children on the move.

'Mama Rose'

Mama Rose


With her ambulance and team of international medical students, Mama Rose provides emergency first aid to people on the move: from plasters on the blisters to toothbrushes and water. Here we met two of the guys from Shadow Game: the Afghan SK and Waqqas, both 15 at the time. They had damaged feet from all the walking. A young Spanish doctor patched them up again. 

Donate to Mama Rose

Home for all


Tireless restaurateurs Katerina and Nikos have been helping refugees on Lesvos since 2014. From the moment the first boats arrived, they were ready with their delicious food. They saw the need for good food increase as conditions in Camp Moria deteriorated. We met Katerina and Nikos in 2017, while making our movie The Deal. We fell in love with Katerina’s philosophy of life: “If you can help, just do it.” They have become the most heartwarming volunteer organization on Lesvos ‘Home for all’. Every day they provide a nutritious meal and with various activities for minors, taking their minds of the great hell of Moria.

Donate to Home for all

Border Violence Monitoring Network


In the border areas in the Balkans and Greece, volunteers from the Border Violence Monitoring Network are active to monitor the violence and register testimonies of victims. Gathering evidence is very important to support potential lawsuits, lobbyists and journalists and to be a listening ear to refugees. Lest we say we didn’t know. The movement is largely run by volunteers in different countries. But money is also needed to guarantee continuity and professionalism. Support the grassroots movement Border Violence Monitoring Network.


Donate to BVMN
Border Violence Monitoring Network documents the illegal pushbacks and border violence

The Shadow Game fund

All the boys from the film have arrived in their destination country. But that doesn’t mean their journey is over. Now begins the difficult process of navigating European asylum systems and societies and building their lives.

We want to use the prize money we won with the film at the FIFDH human rights festival in Geneva – and any future prizes – for financial support for the boys in the film. For their education, furnishing a home and airline tickets/visas for family reunification.

Do you also want to contribute to the boys’ new lives?

Please donate here


Become a volunteer

Everywhere in Europe organizations are active – small and large – that help children on the move. Many of them work with volunteers. This also applies to the organizations highlighted above. Check out their site what you can do and become a volunteer at:

Or look closer to home. For example, in The Netherlands you can register as a buddy for young adult refugees via the Dutch Council for Refugees. Or use your network for young refugees who want to study or work in the Netherlands via New Dutch Connections founded by Bright Richards.



Samen Hier

Samen Hier (Here Together), an initiative of human rights organisation Justice & Peace, is committed to safe migration routes. At Samen Hier, residents take the lead in the arrival and reception of refugees through the community sponsorship model. A group of five residents invites a person or family to settle directly in their hometown, and works as a group to ensure a good reception. During the first year, the group supports the newcomer by helping with furnishing the house, registering with the GP, or looking for a suitable study or job. Do you want to contribute to safe routes to The Netherlands?

Sign up at Samen Hier