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Prison Island, The Talking Fence, The Minefields, The Crossing and The Pass of Death: during his journey through a dystopian wonderland, 15-year-old Sami must confront obstacles of mythic proportions. Going back is not an option. Will he reach his final destination?


Trailer 'Journey level'.


A game based on reality

With Shadow Game we envision a game that starts out as an engaging journey and ends with the understanding that real teens are taking actual risks and go through almost surreal hardships.

A game based on the stories of young boys who already ‘played the game’, that will hopefully help to change how people see the reality of the journey that (young) refugees have to make in order to seek protection in Europe.

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Sami (15), main character


Sami just arrived on the shores of what he hoped was the promised land. However, he enters a dystopian world that is far from beautiful or safe. He sees that there is no help and that he is unwanted. Turning back is not an option. Escaping the war is just the beginning of his quest for a better future.

Sami travels through a dark and eerie land of gloom, confronted with obstacles of mythical proportions. With the background of Sami growing up during his epic odyssey, Shadow Game is a combination of a walking simulator and stealthy gameplay. In Shadow Game players get to experience his story of determination and despair, camaraderie and betrayal.

'Prison Island' Artwork: Aimée de Jongh
Fantom Bar Artwork: Aimée de Jongh