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What is impact?

While working on the film Shadow Game, we immediately knew: we are not just going to make a film. We want to make a real impact. Change people’s perspectives, activate them to do something. We were driven by a great sense of injustice: how was it possible this is going on at our Borders? And we were driven because we saw there were many opportunities for impact.

For us creating impact is: reaching (the right) audiences, create awareness, start a dialogue, activate people to do something and in the end change things for the better.

These are the goals we formulate.

With Shadow Game we want to achieve the following:

  • Raise awareness about the situation of refugee minors traveling through Europe. 
  • Activate people to do something to help these young people. 
  • Putting the rights of these young refugees high on the international political agenda by reaching policy and decisionmakers.


The European Parliament