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Jano & Shiro

A Brothers' Journey

Brothers Jano (18) and Shiro (15) from Syrian Kurdistan didn’t have a real childhood due to the war. While fleeing to Europe they were separated by the brutal violence of border police. Eventually, they both manage to reach The Netherlands. But because of their age difference they are separated again and their asylum procedure is nothing alike. While Shiro starts his integration, Jano is hunted by his trauma's.

Of the several boys we followed for the Shadow Game film (Spring 2021), Jano and Shiro were the first to arrive at their destination. We filmed their first year in The Netherlands.

1.30 min


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Selected for IDFA Kids&Docs competition

The documentary Jano & Shiro, a Brothers’ Journey (35 min) was selected for the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) 2020.


Listen to their music

From folk to Boef

From traditional Syrian folk songs to Dutch hiphop, this is what they listened to during their journey.


July 2020



25 aug 2020


Recording their journey

Filming and taking pictures was one of the ways the brothers tried to cope with their bizarre journey. Despite the numerous hardships, making fun was a way to keep going.

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