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Photo Stories

In collaboration with Melkweg Expo we organize the outdoor exhibition A New Beginning on Mercatorplein in Amsterdam from 5 to 25 June. On June 9, Melkweg will host a talk show with newcomers about identity and self-expression. More info about this programme will be available soon.

 A New Beginning

Who are you and who do you want to become? And what if you had to reinvent yourself? In A New Beginning, photographer Cigdem Yuksel works with young people who, after their flight to the Netherlands, go in search of their (new) identity. The young people express themselves with tattoos, poems, rap or Instagram posts. They look cool and tough, but they are also fragile. Together with Cigdem they started looking for a way to tell their story.

Cigdem asked them what they feel when they think back to their journey, when they think about their fears, nightmares, the loss of their parents. What image, shape and color do they envision? How would they portray that? But she also looks at their future with the young people. How do they see themselves, now and later? Where do they get strength and pleasure from?

It resulted in an outdoor exhibition and a series of multimedia stories (in Dutch).

Watch the multimedia stories


An impression of the outdoor exhibition in The Hague in April during the Movies that Matter festival.



The exhibition travels to different locations in the country. Do you want to know where else you can view it? Sign up for the newsletter and we will keep you informed!