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Hammoudi’s Dream

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Mohammed – nickname Hammoudi – is 14 when he flees Syria. He and his older brother leave their mother and sisters behind and mainly walk all the way from Syria to Europe. It is a long and tough journey on which they encounter dangerous obstacles such as minefields, wild animals and violent border guards. Mohammed’s journey seems like a nightmare. Meanwhile, he continues to dream of a future becoming a doctor. But once he arrives in the Netherlands, it turns out to be difficult to learn the language. And procedures take a long time. He hasn’t seen his mom for over 3 years. Will his dream come true and will his mother and sisters finally arrive from Syria?

Hammoudi’s Dream had its premiere at Cinekid in October 2021. You can now watch it here (top of page). Or first watch the teaser below.

Hammoudi's Dream teaser


Family reunification: how can you help?

What is safety for a child if he has not seen his mother (and sisters) for three years? Like Hammoudi, there are many children who are trying to build a new life in the Netherlands, while waiting endlessly for family reunification. A procedure that is becoming increasingly difficult to discourage refugees from coming to the Netherlands. For example, State Secretary of Justice Broekers-Knol – against the advice of the IND and without the knowledge of the House of Representatives – introduced a policy that thwarts family reunification for children who live in the Netherlands with a (far) relative. Hundreds of children – including Hammoudi – are victims of this. This policy has recently been withdrawn under pressure from the House of Representatives.

Give your voice

Do you think we should quickly reunite refugee children who have come alone with their parents?

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Give your money

Hammoudi’s mother and sisters will soon be allowed to travel to Tehran in Iran for interviews with the IND at the Dutch embassy. If it is established that the adult sisters cannot stay behind in Syria alone, they can also come to the Netherlands. Their journey requires a lot of money. We are not there yet with Hammoudi’s salary for stocking shelves in the supermarket.

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