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The Road to the European Parliament

Sajid (15), Mohammed (14), Jano (18) en Shiro (15) en Mustafa (17) werden met veel geweld tegengehouden aan onze Europese grenzen. Na een reis van maanden, soms zelfs jaren, zijn zij eindelijk op hun plek van bestemming gekomen. Nu willen zij naar het Europees Parlement om onze Europese politici te vertellen hoe hun kinderrechten worden geschonden en hen op te roepen: bescherm kinderen op de vlucht.

22.500 signatures
According to official figures, there are currently 22,500 refugee children stuck at the borders of Europe. We want to show that for each of these children there is at least 1 European citizen who says: this cannot be allowed, something has to change. 1 European who gives a child on the run his/her voice. That is why we want to collect at least 22,500 signatures. Will you sign too?

European Parliament
On June 14, 2022, Sajid, Mohammed, Mustafa and Jano will present this petition to members of the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Support their mission and sign the petition!

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The Road to the EU Parliament


European teenagers ask: What are you going to do to protect children on the run?

“I think it is illegal to beat up children seeking protection. What are you going to do about this?” asks 12-year-old Bo from Flanders.

European teenagers don’t understand why children on the run – teenagers like themselves – are not protected. We can’t explain it to them either. That is why we collect their questions and submit them to the politicians.

Will you join us? Make a video with your phone of max 1 minute in which you say what you think about how children on the run in Europe are treated and what you think should be done. See below the example of Bo from Flanders. Send your video to


Bo, 12 years, Belgium