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Short Docs

Jano & Shiro, Durrab, Hammoudi, and SK are some of the many children trying to cross Europe's borders. Each of these Short Docs focuses on one of them.

In the feature length documentary we followed them – and others – during their journey through Europe. In these Short Docs you can get to know each of them better, and see what happened after the film ends. Why did they flee their countries? How did the ‘game’ end for them? Have they arrived where they had hoped to end up? What does their life look like now? And how do they look back at their years on the road?

Will you help the boys speak at the European Parliament?

SK, Mohammed, and the other boys want to make their voices heard, at the very centre of power in Europe. They want to tell their stories and what they have experienced, how their rights have been violated within Europe’s borders.

Around World Refugee Day – June 20th 2022 – SK and Mohammed will present this petition to the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Member States. Support them in their mission and sign the petition!

Sign the manifesto!