A Brother's Journey 30:00

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Photo series

Together with prize-winning photographer Cigdem Yuksel, we are creating a photo series about young refugees in the Netherlands.
For many of them it’s difficult to talk about their experiences. The search for their identity is often an intense struggle. Together with Cigdem, these young people search for a way to tell their stories. How has their journey affected them, and how do they build up their new lives?

Mo (19) Mo from Syria ended up alone in the Netherlands at the age of 15. In a short time, he transformed from a naive child into an expressive and independent young man. 'All of a sudden I was the one making decisions, not my father. I became a man in only a few months time.'
Meron (Ethiopia, 19) Meron ran away from her abusive family at age 14. After travelling for months, she finally reached The Netherlands. She loves creating images for Instagram and going out with her friends. "I love Beyonce, I want to become a strong woman like her.'
Amin (17, Afghanistan) Amin's asylum request was rejected. He will turn 18 soon and faces deportation. he suffers from depressions. 'I trust no one, I never did. And probably never will.'

“Nobody has any idea what war is and how traumatic the journey is. I went to the retirement home. People there were the only ones who understood me.”

Jameel, 20, from Syria.

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